Friday, June 4, 2010


STARBUCKS SUMATRA SIBORONG BORONG is a full-bodied coffee, offering soft acidity and complex flavors with hints of fresh basil. It is under the Extra Bold category and processed using the semi-washed method. It is best paired with Oatmeal and Cheese.

SUMATRA SIBORONG BORONG and the other Sumatran coffees offered are Starbucks Shared Planet coffees, purchased through the STARBUCKS CAFE Practices. It is grown in small backyard gardens around the town of Siborong boring, these beans are meticulously washed, sorted and sun-dried.

The Batak people have been cultivating coffee for over 100 years and every sip of their coffee reflects a devotion to their craft, passed down through generations.

SIBORONG BORONG is located on the southern shores of Lake Toba, the island of Sumatra's most prized coffee growing area.  The climate, volcanic soil, high altitude and coffee stewardship produce exceptional coffee.

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  1. Can it be purchased on-line? I tried once and looooved it!!